Smart Mouth Coffee Roasters

Brand Identity and Packaging

This design concept came to me at an odd time (as most "AH HAH!" moments do). On my walk through Home Goods - just for fun - I passed by the coffee section and gawked at all of the beautiful packaging. I'm positive i'm not the only one who buys things just because of how pretty the packaging is...and if you're thinking "I don't do that," well, you're lying. Pretty packaging is so attractive - especially when it is simply and elegantly executed. I find it especially intriguing when a company designs packing with just one or two simple words and colors, but yet it looks so modern and posh!

What I wanted to achieve with this branding concept is a personality: blasé, pretentious, sarcastic, sassy, and cheeky yet sophisticated & edgy - ready to talk back. This is for the coffee connoseirs who aren't afraid to make an inappropriate joke. For the espresso feigns who won't hesitate to tell you how it is & give it to you straight. For the latte lovers who prefer an old fashioned over a vodka cranberry. 

If you can't relate to this personality, this charisma, if you will,  that's okay. Don't let the dark cups and neon paint splatter scare you - Smart Mouth Coffee Roasters was designed for anyone who enjoys a well made cup of coffee - while this design encourages you to be your most audacious, undaunted self. Without apologies.